Thursday, December 4, 2014

Plans for all-professional WEC LMP2 line-ups shelved

The idea of allowing all-professional LMP2 line-ups in the World Endurance Championship has been shelved for next season.

Series promoter Automobile Club de l'Ouest revealed in April that it was undertaking a review of the category as a result of reduced entries in 2014 and that all-pro line-ups were on the agenda.

This was known to be favoured by some within the ACO, but after consultation with the teams, it has now opted to maintain the rule that demands at least one driver rated as silver or lower in each line-up for next season.

ACO sporting manager Vincent Beaumesnil said: "We proposed this to the sporting working group, but it was considered that because we are in a period of economic instability, it would have been a risk to change even if the idea is good.

"We will keep the same rules for at least one more year, but we do not know what we will do in the future."

A move to fully-professional line-ups in the WEC would not have been mirrored in the European Le Mans Series.

That would have meant a separate pro-am class for P2 cars at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

"At the very least we would have had a specific trophy for the best pro-am car," explained Beaumesnil.

The ACO is continuing to work on ways to make LMP2 more attractive after a downturn in entries for this season that was followed by the withdrawal of the Delta/ADR-run Millennium squad and the Strakka team, which is now due to give its new Strakka Dome S103 a debut in the WEC finale at Interlagos in November.

New push to resolve 2015 World Rally Championship format row

The 2015 World Rally Championship format will finally be agreed via a specially-convened WRC Commission meeting and FIA World Motor Sport Council e-vote next month.

Controversial changes to the Powerstage system were expected to be ratified by the WMSC in Beijing earlier this month, but despite getting unanimous WRC Commission approval, the scheme was unanimously rejected by the FIA's rule-making body.

 ANALYSIS: WRC reacts to revamp snub

The WMSC asked for a review of the proposal, which is aimed at reducing the time gaps between crews to close up competition and improve the chances of position change on the final stage.

The WRC Commission - led by FIA president Jean Todt - will meet in Geneva on October 16, with a WMSC decision expected quickly afterwards.

FIA rally director Jarmo Mahonen said: "It was important to reconvene the WRC Commission as soon as possible, in order that we have the opportunity to re-discuss our proposals for the future.

"There will be an [WMSC] e-vote as soon as possible after the meeting."

 OPINION: Has the WRC missed an opportunity?

WRC Promoter's Oliver Ciesla remains convinced that the radical format change will still go ahead.

"I believe this is the right step for the WRC to move forward and achieve the objective of reaching more people," he said.

"I have no indication that we should not be optimistic."

Sunday, November 30, 2014


ENGAMES.EU  is a website where you can find lots of games to learn English.
 Nearly one hundred posts in a website with a top bar with Grammar, vocabulary and  listening  activities for elementary and intermediate levels

I specially like the story the author has invented to teach how to build questions in present and past simple tenses, you can read it here "Questions in present and past tenses"

Monday, November 10, 2014


Self-confidence is one aspect of personality that is very important in human life. Self confident people are confident about their own abilities and have realistic expectations, even when their expectations are not realized; they stayed positive and can take it.

Self-confidence is a mental or psychological condition of a person who gives a strong confidence in him to do or perform any act. People who do not believe in themselves have a negative self-concept, lack of confidence in his ability, because it is often kept to them. Self confidence is a mental or psychological condition, which individuals can evaluate the entirety of her strong belief in giving him the ability to take action in achieving various goals in life.
People who have good self-confidence, they have positive feelings toward themselves, have strong beliefs on him and had accurate knowledge of the capabilities. People who have good self-confidence are not the only person who feels capable of (but not really afford) but is a person who knows that he can be caused by experience and calculation that he did.
Synonyms:  aplomb, inner strength, positive self-image, self-assurance

Personality traits of people with low self-confidence
When this is linked to the practice of everyday life, people who have low self-confidence or have lost confidence, tend to feel / be as below:
• Do not have anything (desires, goals, targets) which fought energetically
• Do not have a decision to step decisive
• Easily frustrated or give up when faced with a problem or difficulty
• Less motivated to go forward, laziness or half and half
• Often fails to accomplish its tasks or responsibilities
• Awkward in dealing with people
• Can not demonstrate the ability to speak and the ability to listen to a convincing
• Often have unrealistic expectations
• Too perfectionist
• Too sensitive

Help: low self-confindence
Counselling,  life coaching, and hypnotherapy are common therapies used to help improve self-confidence.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is something that can make a mother feel happy. Keeping the baby in the womb to grow healthy and born alive is to be performed by a pregnant woman. The gestation period will determine the child's growth. Here we provide some tips on healthy during pregnancy.

Visit a Physician Regularly
During pregnancy, mothers can visit a physician/doctor regularly. Regularly check the baby in the womb is useful to know the condition and growth of the fetus. Likewise, if there is anything wrong in pregnancy should be immediately checked by a physician. Do this until the last month of pregnancy.

Important Eat Nutritious Foods
Begin to eat nutritious foods; it is important for pregnant women and fetal growth. Maternal diet usually eats small meals but often, about 5-6 times per day. It's better than eating large servings in 3 per day, a diet with smaller portions and more often to reduce nausea and vomiting in the morning, and stomach pain.

Folic Acid and Zinc
Healthy foods for pregnant mothers are foods that contain folic acid and zinc. Folic acid is useful for preventing neural tube defects in infants and spine. Foods that contain folic acid present in cereals, brown rice, oranges, green vegetables, beans, broccoli, and more. Zinc is useful to prevent anemia during pregnancy. Anemia is very dangerous for pregnant women, can cause bleeding during childbirth.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke
Cigarette and tobacco smoke are very harmful to the health of mother and fetus. Avoid cigarette smoke; try not to become passive smokers. If your husband is a smoker, warn not to smoke near you. And if you're also a smoker, stop smoking better. Cigarette smoke will make your baby born weighing less, easily hurt, slow growth; it can even cause miscarriage and death in the womb.

Drinking Adequate Water
Drinking adequate water is another important thing to note for pregnant women. Drinking lots of water is very useful for pregnant women, because the incoming fluid will help to increase the blood volume that occurs during pregnancy. Drink at least 6-8 glasses a day, can be fruit juice, milk, or water.

Taking Medications Safely
Be careful when taking some drugs. If you are attacked by a disease or pain, be careful taking drugs. You should immediately consult your physician before taking it. If you are pregnant and taking medication without rules would be harmful to the fetus in the womb.

Remain Active During Pregnancy
Pregnant women should remain active. Pregnant women can also do exercise such as walking. Taking a pregnancy exercise classes are also good, in addition to the benefits to the mother and fetus, the pregnant women in the class are able to share experiences and gain knowledge. In between activities, do not forget to rest

Vaccination During Pregnancy
Another important thing is vaccinated during pregnancy. Pregnant women should talk to their physicians to figure out which vaccines they might need and whether they should get them during pregnancy or wait until after their child is born. Hepatitis B, Influenza and Tetanus/Diphtheria are considered safe to give to women who might be at risk of infection.

Nurse-Physician Collaboration

To achieve effective service the nurses, physician and healthcare team should collaborate with each other. No one group can claim more power over others. Each profession has different character so that when combined can be a force for achieving the desired goals. 

Nurse Physician Workplace Collaboration
With good communication and respect for other professions in shared decision-making (in collaboration) in the group it will create a good work team so committed to providing a comprehensive service can be created. Opinion between physician and nurses need to be a standard domain with (physician-nurse) standard.
There are significant differences in the collaboration between groups of patients with severe, moderate, and independent. Practice negotiating collaboration on many stages in patients partially dependent (being) because of the patient's full dependence (severe) physicians only give direction and decisions without consulting nurse.

Of the need for education and socialization practices of collaboration among work teams managed care health or health professions ranging from education situation. For hospitals need to improve the quality of nursing care health. An increase in nurse education and good communication between team and patient to work, and to improve the practice of collaboration needs to be a shared commitment between leaders (structural) and functional (health professions), where the principal can adopt managed care and socializing and can be applied to services.

How to Teach 1st Grade

Teaching 1st grade will be different by teaching high school students. Required certain techniques so that the child can absorb lessons more fun considering the psychological child is still in the early learning stages.

The voice sounded clear enough by children, intonation, etc. are things that are very important to be possessed by the teacher. For early elementary grades, they are still considered early childhood, before providing early childhood learning, as teachers need to recognize the characteristics of elementary school age children first. Do not forget to always give something new and varied for them. No need expensive, objects in the environment can be the object of exploration for children.

The period is also very short of their concentration. Thus, teachers must have a second plan, and even third, fourth plan needs to be prepared for them so they do not saturate. Keep in mind that early childhood is a period play. Thus, the instruction given to them should be based on the principles of play (fun, children can explore, gain a lot of experience).

Children are not miniature adults but they have the characteristics and uniqueness of each. So, do not equate them with the high school kids that are easier on the set and was able to concentrate for a long time.